MASTERPIECES 1971 - 2000

Edited and Photographed
by Yukio Futagawa

Negro House, Contadero
Mexico City 1997
Alberto Kalach & Daniel Álvarez

Today, we have entered the twenty-first century. Borders continue to disappear in culture, and the enormous volume of information made available throught the development of a communication network is creating a more uniform world. Houses are the basis of human life and the spaces with which our bodies are in closest contact. How will the meaning of houses change under these circumstances?

Residential architecture has the potential to change continually in form. The possibility exists for the connection of imaginary spaces and real resiidential spaces, and houses may respond to changes in the nature of the family, new ideas of the individual and privacy, and changes in lifestyle prompted by developments in technology. There are those who reject architecture and doubt even the need for privetly-owned residential architecture on the one hand, and those who advocate a return to nature, greater ecological awarness, and an architecture based on tradition and regionalism on the other. New works of architecture, including new masterpieces, will no doubt emerge to meet these diverse demands.

Yukio Futagawa
English traslation: Hiroshi Watanabe